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Types of care

Mayflower Care Homes have been designed to be able to provide a home for people with a range of needs, from those who are independent and using the home like a hotel, to residents who are fully dependent on care. A Mayflower home can be a home for life, if that is what is wanted. We are able to achieve this without compromising the experience for people at either end of the needs spectrum. By dividing the home into discrete areas, each designed to tailor to the differing needs of residents, we are able accommodate everyone.


If we have available capacity, then we welcome residents who may wish to stay for short periods.

Residential Care

The ground floor of each home is designed for people with a higher degree of independence. This is the ideal setting for Residential Care. The ground floor layout encourages independence as well as social activities in the library, café and cinema.

Dementia Care

At the heart of our approach to caring for people living with Dementia is an appreciation of the people that they were and still are. Knowing and understanding that whilst they live with the challenges of connecting with themselves at times, we should not ever forget the real them, the personality and person that was formed by their life and their life experiences.