Fitness Club

At Mayflower, we are passionate about making the most of life.

Exercise has so many proven benefits to body and mind, but as we get older it’s gets harder to find opportunities to do it.

That’s why all of our homes have their own gyms with specialist equipment, designed specifically for older people.

Our qualified Personal Trainers design programs for our residents that will build strength and physical confidence.

Click here to view our video on how staying physically fit, supports people living with dementia

Our gyms are equipped by HUR, a Finnish company that specialises in strength-development equipment for older adults:

They are safe - using air pressure technology, they produce low impact on joints, reducing stiffness and pain, whilst ensure maximum effect.

The equipment is easy to use and has close to zero starting load: if you can move one arm or one leg then you can exercise with a HUR machine.

For wheelchair user: Easy access machines meet the specific needs of wheelchair users

 Exercise Regularly

"Regular exercise can significantly improve strength and mobility in older people."

 Reduce health risks

"There is evidence that exercise for older adults reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, anxiety, incontinence, depression and certain types of cancer."

 Reduce the risk of falls

"The risk of falls can be significantly reduced by regular exercise."

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